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I recently got called as a new Gospel Doctrine teacher for my home ward. For the past ten years, I believe it’s been ten, maybe nine, I’ve been in the single’s ward. Life there was awesome and amazing and my testimony grew so much while attending a ward full of individuals close to my age. I really loved being in that ward. But with all things in life nothing stays the same. As soon as I turned 31 I was back in the home ward surrounded by individuals that watched me grow up, bit different being back in the home ward.

But that’s another blog.

For this blog I want to let you know that Heavenly Father has a great sense of humor.

When I was in the single’s ward I held many callings but the one calling I really, really, really wanted was that of Sunday School Gospel Doctrine teacher. That was the calling I never, ever, got called to.

Now on the third Sunday of my return to my home ward I was pulled aside and extended the calling of Gospel Doctrine teacher. I wanted to bust out laughing because my home ward is a bit intimidating. I mean this is the ward full of the individuals that taught me in primary, young women, and even the first few years of my Relief Society straight out of high school. 

I accepted it because it felt right.

But then I had a good chuckle over it because Heavenly Father is a funny guy with an amazing sense of humor.